What coating/lacquers do you use to achieve that shine?
None! We are able to achieve the amazing glass-like reflective finish WITHOUT any need for chemicals or coating. This is achieved by using diamond coated buffers which smooth the surface to a glass like finish. For some jobs and on some occasions we will arrange to coat the floor or paint it, but always with prior consultation.

How long does the slab need to dry before polishing?
We recommend at least 8 to 10 days. It is important to relay this information to your builder as early as possible.

What about cracking?
If you are concerned about cracking we are able to cut channels into the slab, however with modern pouring practices far better than in the past, the likelihood of cracking is minimal.

Are the floors easy to clean?
Absolutely yes. In most cases, a vacuum, sweep or mop with hot water only will be enough to maintain a stunning result on your floors.

Can every slab be polished?
Yes, and no… Before we can guarantee any result, an inspection of the concrete by one of our specialists is required to determine what results are achievable. If planned well from the beginning, we can guarantee an immaculate final result.

Is there any way I can tell if my slab is OK to polish?
Perhaps — if you have the tools necessary, what needs to be determined is the density of the concrete. The strength needs to be minimum 32MPA. We can of course do this test for you.

How much does it cost?
Polishing concrete can be a very effective method of producing a stunning floor. However, unfortunately we can’t provide one standard price per meter as there are many factors that go into determining a price. These are based on the finish you require, the colour, the state of the concrete itself, the location of your property and more. To get an accurate quote please call us to arrange an obligation free consultation.

I still have more questions
That’s no problem — click here to email your questions to us, or call and speak to one of our sales representatives.