The Hiperfloor™ polishing system creates a concrete surface as shiny as glass resulting in an extremely hardy, reflective floor that not only looks great, but is functional, hygienic and extremely low maintenance. With incredible durability and strength of the polished concrete floor it has exceptional resistance to:

  • Marking
  • Dust
  • Water, Industrial Chemical, Oils, and food stains
  • Abrasion

Heat Hiperfloor™ can be used in new or old construction for housing, manufacturing, showrooms, retail and commercial environments. Hiperfloor™ polished concrete can be utilised internally as well as externally, which makes this product an extremely versatile and cost effective floor finish.

You can now achieve the highly reflective glass like finish of terrazzo floors using concrete and eliminate the expense of waxes and sealants.

Highly appealing for residential, commercial and industrial applications, modern decorative finishes are easily achieved by adding any number of colours, glass or chosen aggregates to suit all decor needs.

Superbly low maintenance all that is required to maintain a Hiperfloor™ is the easy removal of dust or spills.

With all the appeal of terrazzo, Hiperflooring is lower in cost, particularly when laid as part of a structural slab during construction. The expense compares favourably to that of timber flooring or tiles but is much easier to maintain.

In many circumstances concrete flooring is highly desirable but can look dull, drab and boring. Not Hiperfloor™. This process provides all the benefits of a concrete floor but has exceptional decorative qualities for the modern construction providing beauty, depth, gloss and the natural splendour of exposed aggregate.